Healthy Eating and CSA Work


CSA vegetables

Farmers should be business heroes. They’re among the hardest-working people on Earth, with the biggest challenges. Changing weather. Invasive pests. Exacting certification standards. And who else actually lives at work?

Several years ago, I joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. I was enamored with the idea of farm-fresh, organic, local produce, and couldn’t wait to cook with whatever came in the box. I was quite dependent on certain packaged convenience foods at the time, so cooking from scratch with seasonal vegetables–some of them unfamiliar–involved a learning curve.

Happily, I stuck with it, and have learned to efficiently dispatch my CSA share to feed my family–mystery vegetables and all–while working full-time, and without spending excessive amounts of time in the kitchen (unless I want to).

Knowing you can turn a pile of fresh-picked vegetables into a delicious, healthy meal is empowering. I write weekly newsletter features for my CSA, and columns about (mostly) healthy eating, food and farms for Want2Dish. I see no reason to keep secret how easy healthy cooking can be, with a little practice. I guess you could say I’m a vegetable evangelist. Long live zucchini!